Using the Immortal’s Oil

The Immortal’s Oil is one of the most powerful oil’s you will ever use – but do you know how to use it? 

Every person’s body is different; and this is important to understand when trying to reach for ultimate health (be it cosmetic or internal) – even two different people having the flu, will have their body react to it differently; the same applies to taking any medicine, be it external topical medicine, or internal medicine.

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This is important to understand so that you can see why the Immortal Oil’s true power comes in first understanding your own body, better than you ever did.

The general use of the Immortal’s oil is for the scalp and skin on the face – the oil not only regenerates damaged skin (so you can use it like a cream, in one or two drops maximum for the night) as well as hair follicles that need that extra stimulation to sooth inflammation, increase circulation as well as grow hair longer, and thicker to its full potential.

Some people will be fine using it on a daily basis, which is what it is designed to do – but in general, it is better to start with a tiny amount and build up. When using the Immortal’s Oil, a little really does go a long way – and ideally, you want to be massaging the area the oil is being applied to, for at least 10-30 minutes – this is why its an ideal oil for night use.

Apply very small amount on the scalp for hair growth – rub into scalp for 20 minutes a day; the massaging process also helps, so remember to do that – you can leave it in overnight, or leave it in for 1 hour, its up to you – but we recommend at least 2 hours on the scalp, and one hour on the skin if using for skin renewal.