Recover from a Dull Complexion

Dull complexion cure

Having a dull complexion at times is the last thing you need in life – how do you actually resolve such a thing, and what causes it?

There are many causes for dull complexions, and using a simple cream or product is not going to resolve it unless you take full steps to change your everyday patterns – from eating, managing stress and even having “me time” for reflection of your day.

Complexions can turn dull due to various reasons, and one of them being blood circulation and hormone imbalance, either due to stress or a bad diet or over-thinking (yes, thinking affects your internal physiology directly!).

Here are a few methods to jump start your complexion:

1. Jump Rope (Skipping)

Skipping on a rope for 3 minutes at a time will push your blood to the extremities and help keep a bright and youthful complexion. This is very obvious, but many people either do not make time to even do 3 minute sessions a day, or they think it does not work – one only has to try it to find out and see how it changes your entire week and weekend!

2. Eat more anti-oxidants in your food

The more vegetables from all kinds of sources you eat, the more complex the antioxidants you get – it is also good to supplement from super antioxidants, as nutritional densities are lower in vegetables today – but make sure that your supplements anti-oxidants are derived from real plants or marine life – not synthetic, which will have zero effect on your complexion, let alone immune system.

3. Take time out, even from yourself!

There are a lot of lonely people out there who don’t get much social interaction – this applies to them too! Even if you are lonely, you need time out from yourself, and a period of no self-judgement, to reflect on your thoughts about where you are heading in life, and what new things you would like to try – or just anything positive – no over thinking about any situation is allowed in this time period.

It is clinically proven that thinking and emotions have a direct impact on your body, including hormone excretion as well as DNA and RNA expression. This is important to understand if you wish to keep a healthy and youthful complexion.

4. Nutrition 

Stop eating foods that make you feel sleepy, sluggish or anything inbetween. These include sugars of all kinds, carbs of all kinds and even artificially packed foods. If you do this just for a day, you will notice the difference in your energy levels, and your facial complexion which will be even brighter than you have seen.

Besides, reasonably lower calorie meals help keep youthful looks – of course, too low calories will also accelerate the aging process, so you must find a balance which is right for your own body type and according to how much you exercise and move around.

If you still don’t feel satisfied and need something extra to give you that push – try Immortal’s Oil, which is an organic and botanical oil, designed for the hair and skin – it not only helps renew skin cells, but adds vitality back into your skin – you only need to use a drop of it for a whole large area of the body (even the face).