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 Immortals Oil

The Immortal’s Oil is a 100% botanical edible oil that when applied to the scalp, soothes not only inflammation on the scalp and skin, but the only oil that actually stimulates hair growth allowing regular users to significantly improve hair growth, thickening hair, stimulating new hair growth and eradicating hair falling.

This is the only oil that does not become rancid at skin temperature, keeping its renewal properties at their highest potency; this allows the oil to function and penetrate the skin deeply enough for eradicating inflammation and stimulating hair growth in the scalp.

The Immortal’s Oil is 100% Organic and Non-GMO product – the only place that this oil is produced is, by ourselves. This is because for the oil to be effective in treatment, it has to be harvested in a very specific method, harvest location and even the timing has to be perfect – not only that, but the plant this oil is extracted from is so rare that it does not have a name (yet), but has been used for by local communities where it grows for centuries for hair and skin.

Other Benefits: 

– Anti-Aging for the Skin & Hair (can be applied to both for youthful radiance)

– Renews Hair follicles that have been dormant for years (on the Scalp)

– Gentle Cellular Regeneration (unlike Retinol creams which can be very damaging if too much is applied)

– Helps Sooth Wrinkles in the long term due to strong rejuvenating properties

– Acne scars and acne can also be removed with regular use in small quantities

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