1. Is the Immortal’s Oil right for me?

The Immortal’s Oil is the only oil in the world right now that is non-prescription and non-pharmaceutical that work’s from a cellular level. It can not only soothe inflammation on the skin and scalp, but when regularly applied on the scalp, it can restore hair follicles, improve the quality of hair growth (don’t worry, it won’t grow hair on the wrong areas – it works simply by adding regenerative power wherever it is applied) – including detox, anti inflammatory, skin renewal, cellular level cleansing and protection and reversing of biological aging of skin cells.

2. Does this Oil help for hair re-growth or also skin issues?

The Immortal’s Oil can help with restoring fast growth of hair, regrowing of lost hair, and thickening of hair that is thin (with regular use). It is the only oil of it’s kind that will help stop inflammation in the scalp and skin, so it is ideal for use on the skin as an alternative to using creams (a very tiny amount is required).

3. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship worldwide – but you need to order 2 or more to qualify for international shipping.

5. What is the average delivery time in the UK and Worldwide?

Average delivery time is 2 working days, but we ask all our customers to allow a maximum of 5 working days – most orders reach in 2 working days however.

International delivery can take 3-5 weeks outside Europe – but around 2 weeks within Europe.

4. I ordered a few days ago, but haven’t heard anything from you? What Do I do?

We normally do not have an order despatch notification to inform customers, but rest assured your order was dealt with and should reach you soon.

5. Do you allow refunds?

Once an order has been placed, we generally cannot process a refund, as our automated system automatically processes the shipment side of things, and the packing team packs the bottles for you.