about us immortals oil

The Immortal’s Oil UK was formed out of the requirements of a product that will actually satisfy requirements of something that works, whilst being organic and without preservative chemicals – not only that, but an oil that helps healing the hair follicles and allowing the body to regenerate and thrive.

We already know how the body has the ability to regenerate to a huge extent – every 2 weeks a large portion of your skin is replaced with 100% new skin – and this is how the body has the ability to regenerate hair follicles (as they are part of the skin).

Immortal’s oil’s ingredients are so rare, that they have yet to be named; but they have been used for thousands of years in Daoist communities that live in Korea, the only place where the oil can be produced at its highest potency (due to environmental and other factors).

At Immortal’s Oil UK, we are here to spread the message of reaching ultimate health – which means keeping the body healthy internally as well as externally in cosmetic appearance to our own personal liking.